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Order Information and FAQ

Q- "How much notice do I need to give you, to place an order?"


A- I prefer as much as possible; when you know about your event, let me know! I typically book up to 2-4 weeks in advance. With that being said, if you have a last minute need for a cake give me a call and we'll see if I can squeeze you in!


Q- "Where are you located?"


A- I am fully licensed and permitted to use my home as my place of business under the Cottage Food Law.  I have a decorating station setup inside Little Cakes Kitchen at 1031 South Santa Fe Vista, CA 92083.


Q- "What flavors do you offer?"


A- All cake layers are baked from scratch by Little Cakes Kitchen: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, almond and lemon.  One flavor comes with your order, but you may add additional flavors for $8 per flavor change. Little Cakes Kitchen Italian meringue buttercream comes as filling and covers your cake before fondant is laid on top. At this time ONLY offering 6"/8"/10" cakes as per the chart below.

Q- "Do you deliver?


A-  Pickup is preferred at 1031 South Santa Fe Vista, CA 92083 at a specific set time. Delivery fee is based on mileage and my availability.

Q- "How much should I expect to pay for your cakes?"


A- Each cake is unique so we don't have a standard price list. Pricing is based on servings, the intricacy of the design/sculpture, and the time invested in each creation.  In general, pricing ranges from $10-$30 per serving, and due to the custom care given to each cake. I have a minimum order of $200 on all bookings that I take. Contact me for an accurate quote. I will do my best to work within your budget :)